Steak Caesar salad with
homemade croutons.

Using Iron & Vitamin C to Reduce Nickel Absorption

Sometimes I crave foods that trigger my nickel food allergy. I call these nickel food allergy offenders.

This past week I ate two: chocolate and lettuce. I thoroughly enjoyed a dark chocolate heresy’s bar with milk and a delicious chicken caesar salad.

We have all read multiple studies that discuss the heart and brain benefits of dark chocolate. Similarly, romaine lettuce is loaded with vitamins and minerals, including iron and vitamin C.

After eating both of these nickel food allergy offenders, the dark chocolate bothered my skin ten times as much as the romaine lettuce. I wondered why there would be such a difference in my eczema flare up with this two nickel allergy offenders?

I have read dermatology studies arguing that when you eat foods rich in iron and vitamin C, your body absorbs less nickel. For me, there was a direct correlation between the salad’s iron and vitamin C benefits, which positively resulted in a less severe eczema reaction.

Whenever I am hungry for leafy greens, I choose to eat a steak Caesar salad!