Nickel Free Sunscreen

Is your skin super sensitive to the sun like mine? It does not take much sun for my skin to burn and become super inflamed for days. Enjoying the great outdoors and hiking a couple times a week throughout the year, I usually prefer covering up with UV protective clothing and a big floppy hat.  I definitely inherited my skin from my father, who always wore long pants and a floppy hat wherever he went in the summer. Even with my body covered up, I still have to use sunscreen on my face. If I forget to use sunscreen, I’ll regret it and my skin will feel the sun’s indirect exposure from it’s reflection on water or red rock. Typically I don’t have to cover up as much in the spring, fall or winter unless the UV index is high.

The National Eczema Association recommends sunscreens with both zinc and titanium dioxide, as they aren’t absorb directly into the skin and also block harmful ultraviolet A and B rays. Titanium dioxide isn’t necessarily high in nickel, nonetheless I’ve heard from some that they are either also allergic to titanium dioxide or it will cause their skin to react. (more…)