Low Nickel Red Pepper Soup

Low nickel red pepper soup combines roasted red peppers, with a potato, chicken stock and pears to create a savory flavorful soup that tastes like nothing else. Bell peppers are known for being low in nickel and red peppers are loaded with vitamin C, which amazingly reduces your body’s absorption of nickel.

Do you like tomato soup, but avoid tomatoes because they’re high in histamines? Tomatoes themselves aren’t necessarily high in nickel, but they trigger our bodies to release more histamines which can outwardly mimic eczema or atopic dermatitis symptoms. Some of us with a systemic nickel allergy (SNAS) can tolerate tomatoes, and more so when they are cooked. If you find you can’t tolerate tomatoes it may be worth learning about histamine intolerance. Bell peppers are a low histamine food.