Does eczema cause you pain?

Eczema and pain are two complex medical diagnosis. Apparently there’s been a lot of research about the itchiness of eczema, but that people don’t really talk about the pain eczema causes them.

In December, I participated in a very interesting eczema focus group evaluating the relationship between eczema and pain. Principal Investigator Dr. Aaron Secrest explained how “a recent survey of more than 1,000 people with eczema in 34 countries showed that itchiness and pain were the most concerning symptoms to patients.” Secrest continued to say that “we have a reasonable understanding of itchiness with eczema – there is very, very little information on the effects of pain in eczema. In our focus group today, we want to learn how eczema causes itchiness and pain in you or your family member and how this impacts your daily life – both work life and home life.”