Green beans are one of the many foods higher in nickel.

Foods with Nickel

You many know someone who may experience a rash when they wear cheap earrings, costume jewelry, or from the rivets on their jeans.

My nickel food allergy occurs when I eat foods with high concentrations of nickel. Within 12-24 hours after I ingest a food containing high concentrations of nickel, I experience a rash on my elbow, neck, or lip.

Foods with high concentrations of nickel include:

Grains & Wheat

– bran
– buckwheat
– millet
– mulsi
– multi-grains & multi-grain breads
– oats & oatmeal
– unpolished brown rice
– rye bran
– sesame seeds
– sunflower seeds
– whole grains & whole grain breads


– shellfish (shrimp, mussels and crawfish)


– peas (green and split)
– leaks
– beans (white, brown, black and green)
– soy / soya
– soy protein powder (found in sandwich meat, sausages, minced meat, breads, soup concentrates)
– soy lecithin
– lentils
– leafy greens
– cabbage
– kale
– spinach
– lettuce
– bean sprouts


– pineapple
– raspberries
– dates
– figs
– prunes


– nuts
– almonds
– hazel nuts
– peanuts
– coconuts
– chocolate
– linseed and linseed oil
– marzipan
– baking powder (large amounts)
– vitamins containing nickel

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