Nickel Free Lemon Pancakes

nickel free lemon pancakes

Previous to my nickel food allergy, I always preferred making and eating waffles. I personally loved how easy they were to make with a waffle iron and enjoyed the little squares. All the waffle irons I have owned were made with non-stick stainless steel. Not knowing if a nickel free waffle iron exists, I have learned to make nickel free pancakes.

Told whole wheat flour is high in nickel, instead I eat white flour and I haven’t had any problems. I haven’t tested this recipe with rice flour, but it probably would taste great. I especially like this recipe as the cottage cheese adds some protein. Since vitamin C can reduce the absorption of nickel, the lemon not only adds zest, but extra defense.

When cooking in the kitchen, the blender is one of my favorite cooking instruments! Overtime I have become a better chef and having a variety of tools makes all the different. The blender significantly reducing the amount of time needed to make these pancakes, which makes the recipe a perfect choice for Saturday morning breakfast or for a Tuesday evening dinner after work.

The Ingredients:
¾ cup egg whites or 3 eggs
1 cup cottage cheese
½ cup 1% milk
¼ cup lemon juice or 1 juiced lemon
1 cup of flour

The Recipe & Cooking Steps:

Making the nickel free lemon pancakes free pouring from the blender into a ceramic sauce pan that’s lightly coated with olive oil.

Place the egg whites, cottage cheese, milk and lemon juice in the blender. Blend until all the ingredients are smooth. Next add the flour.  I have found it is easier to add the flour in ½ cup increments and blend it after the first and second ½ cup, than to blend the entire cup of flour at once.
What I love about using the blender is how easy it allows you to make the pancakes. You can free pour the pancake mix from the blender directly on a sauce pan on the stove top. First I recommend spraying non-stick cooking spray or placing a thin layer of olive oil in the pan. I also love using my cast iron grill. Cook the pancakes on both sides until brown and enjoy!

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