Using Apple Cider Vinegar for Dry Scalp

Have you ever used apple cider vinegar? Hearing about the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar, I hadn’t ever tried it until recently! While attending a National Eczema Association seminar they suggested using apple cider vinegar as an “alternative treatment” for eczema. Online I’ve read stories of those who’ve used apple cider vinegar directly on the skin or in a bath as an inexpensive and readily accessible remedy to subdue their eczema flare ups.

For the past couple months my scalp has been extremely dry and inflamed. Finding myself constantly itching my scalp, I attempted to identify the possible culprit. I changed my cosmetic products, yet it didn’t result in any relief. Upon reflection I’ve experienced some stress and have strayed a little from the low-nickel diet by eating a couple of salads. In addition, I live in a very dry climate and it’s currently the middle of winter.

After reading this article on home remedies for scalp relief, I decided to try using diluted apple cider vinegar. Participating in their “method 3: apple cider vinegar rinse,” I originally left a plastic 1/2 cup and a small bottle of apple cider vinegar in my shower. Before I shampooed my hair I’d rinse it with a mixture of a 1/4 cup of warm water and a 1/4 cup of the apple cider vinegar.

I decided to change my methods after not being able to prevent the mixture from getting in my eyes. Now I use a spray bottle with the pre-mixed one to one water and apple cider vinegar mixture. The spray bottle allows me to target where on my scalp I want to treat it without it getting the mixture in my eyes. I let it set in my hair before rinsing and then shampooing. This process has worked wonders for my dry scalp.

If you’ve used apple cider vinegar to treat your eczema, I’d love to hear about how it went for you!