Product Review: THINX Period Panties

*Warning* – this blog post review is how to make your period – if you regularly get one – so much better. Nickel allergies overwhelmingly affect women more than men. I appreciate all my readers and followers of all genders. However, for those of you with periods, I want to share with you some amazing nickel free products – THINX Period Panties.

Wearing a suit to work every day, I want and need assurance that the feminine products I use sufficiently protect me during my monthly cycle. Learning about how terrible tampons can be for our bodies, last year I saw an online ad for THINX.

The investigator in me resulted in my reading everything on their website, signing up for their newsletter and skimming other review sites. Not wanting to risk a nickel allergy reaction, I emailed their staff to ask whether or not their period panties contained any nickel. I felt I needed clarification as their website states their patented technology “THINX QuadTECH” contains an “application of silver.” THINX’s staff responded to my inquiry informing me I was “in luck! No nickel involved.”

Intrigued by the pro-woman New York company, I support their threefold mission. THINX not only works to normalize menstruation, create amazing underwear for when you’re on your period or if you suffer from incontinence, but they also partner with AFRIpads to help African women sew and obtain reusable clothe pads to prevent them from dropping out of school when they have their period. Education is one of the most important ways to empower yourself and change your circumstances as an individual.

After much deliberation, two months ago I finally committed and “built my cycle set” by purchasing three different styles – the hiphugger, the sport and the cheeky. Usually bloated during my period, I bought each of them one size larger than my regular size and they fit me perfectly. During my last two cycles, I didn’t use any tampons – not a one – and it was truly wonderful! The first couple days, I did use them in conjunction with U Kotex Lightdays Liners.

Out of the three THINX period panties styles I tried, my preference is the hiphuggers. I still want to try the boyshorts style.

Want to know how they work? Check out the picture below identifying the four layers of “moisture-wicking,” “anti-microbial,” “absorbent” and “leak resistant” materials. On their FAQs page they explain how their period panties are okay for those of us with sensitive skin, further explaining the four layers writing, “[t]he interior of the underwear is antimicrobial cotton, which includes an application of silver. All the other technology is between the cotton interior layer and the nylon/spandex exterior layer. This way, your undies look sexy but feel safe!”

You can purchase your own Thinx period panties on their website If you also click on this referral link, both you and I will get a $10 credit when you purchase a pair!

If you live outside the US, read their FAQs page about paying your country’s taxes, as they disclose that their prices don’t include international taxes or duties.

Cheers and I’d love to hear about your experiences if you venture to try them, in the comment section below!

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