Nickel Free Product Review: Skintifique

Trying to decipher the numerous ingredients in skin care products can make you feel like you need a background in chemistry. Welcome Skintifique – a fantastic skin care company formulating products for people like us with eczema and metal allergies, specifically nickel, chromium and cobalt. I also love how Skintifique proudly identifies the limited number of – 5, 8, or 13 – total ingredients in each bottle.

My face is the primary place where my eczema occurs on my body, making me very hesitant to use anything on it, including makeup. Many “natural” cosmetic products cause my eczema to flare up since many of the ingredients include foods high in nickel like shea butter, seeds or oats­­­.

Recently moving from the moist humid climate of Portland, Oregon to the dry sunny desert of Salt Lake City, Utah dramatically dried out my skin more than usual. Using twitter to ask if anyone knew of any nickel free facial lotions, Dr. Elisabeth Briand from Skintifique reached out to see if I wanted to try their products?

A scientist and eczema sufferer herself, Dr. Briand understands the challenge of finding reliable cosmetic products. She spent countless hours in the lab formulating and testing each of their products. The idea to create cleansers and lotions for people with metal allergies occurred when “Dr. Jeffrey Karp (Skintifique’s co-founder) realized that the skin in contact with his wedding ring was becoming irritated, red and dry.” He was allergic to the nickel in his wedding band and “set about finding a solution” (source: Skintifique).

My spouse would tell me there were days where my body smelled “metallic,” before I started the low-nickel diet to manage my eczema. She would tell me that “the creases on my neck oozed of a metal smell.” She suggested the smell was so bad that it seemed like I had rubbed a sheet of aluminum foil on my skin. During my conversation with Dr. Briand she asked if my eczema is exasperated when I sweat, for instance when I exercise or in the summer? I’d never reflected on how sweating impacted my eczema.

cleaner-and-moisturizerPrior to trying Skintifique, my daily facial routine involved splashing warm water on my face during my morning shower. Now I wash my face twice daily using Skintifique’s Cleanser P. I pour a tiny amount – probably ½-1 teaspoons – on a 100% cotton quilted round pad and swipe it all over my face, including above my eyes, around forehead, behind my ears and my neck. I do this both after my morning shower and in the evening before I go to bed. In the morning, I wait a couple minutes for the cleanser to dry on my face before rubbing a pea sized amount of Skintifique’s Moisturizing Lotion HP all over my face. I choose to not place any of the lotion on my face when I go to bed at night.

In my experience, I’ve found I need to always shake bottle containing the moisturizing lotion before placing it on my skin. When I make sure to shake the bottle and when I don’t use too much lotion, I’ve found my facial skin does feel oily by the end of the day.

If you have chronic eczema or a nickel allergy I highly suggest you give Skintifique’s products a try. Using Skintifique’s Cleanser P and Moisturizing Lotion HP daily has relieved the intensity of my eczema, even when I’ve occasionally eaten foods higher in nickel. In addition I believe using Skintifique’s cleanser has diminished my acne. I also enjoy using Skintifique’s Hydrating Gel Plus HS from time to time where my skin is especially dry or itchy.

When you purchase your own Skintifique products using this referral link or when you enter the referral code 22140304 when you register/check out on their website, both you and I will receive a $15 credit.

An avid traveler, I’ve asked Skintifique if they would introduce both of these products in travel sizes and if they’ve considered creating a new nickel free moisturizing lotion with SPF (sun protection factor). Dr. Briand said she appreciated the feedback!

Using a cleanser on my face that is specifically designed for people like me with a severe nickel allergy in combination with the nickel free moisturizer twice daily probably has limited the amount of nickel secreting from my face as I sweat. Eczema is such an individual condition and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. I appreciate Skintifique creating products to help alleviate my eczema!

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