Does Peppermint Ice Cream Need Coconut Oil?

I LOVE Dreyer’s Slow Churned Peppermint Ice Cream! I get excited about its release the beginning of September every year. However, last year Dreyer’s added a new ingredient to their Peppermint ice cream product – coconut oil. Unfortunately, coconut contains nickel.

In my best effort to persuade Dreyer’s to remove coconut oil from their peppermint ice cream, I contacted Dreyer’s via their website’s contact page noting,

I have always LOVED your peppermint ice cream. However, last year (2013) I had to stop purchasing it because of the new coconut oil ingredient. I am allergic to nuts and I am wondering if the new coconut ingredient is essential for the Peppermint Ice Cream flavor? I hope this ingredient can be changed without including soy (as I am also allergic to soy), so I can look forward to enjoying more of your delicious peppermint ice cream! ~Christy

This was the response I received from Dreyer’s:dryers first email 9.9.14

Disappointed, I emailed them again:


Unfortunately, despite the FDA regulations I am allergic to coconut in any form, even if it is highly refined. I think many others with coconut allergies also read the label and don’t eat your peppermint ice cream because it includes coconut oil.

Can you please manufacture the peppermint ice cream without coconut oil, so more of us can enjoy it?


Below is a copy of their response.dryers 2nd email 9.9.14

I hope Dreyer’s will take my comments into consideration. Perhaps before the end of this season I will be able to enjoy their delicious peppermint ice cream without ingesting any nickel! You can join me in asking Dreyer’s to remove coconut oil in their peppermint ice cream by contacting them too.