Crowdsourcing #Nickel Free Experiences

Using Twitter, I connected with others with my same nickel food allergy – @NiChallenged @miss_diagnoses @theallergista and others who create beautiful nickel free products @NonitaJewelry. We have conversed and crowd sourced our multiple experiences. The conversations are fascinating and thought provoking.

Recently @miss_diagnoses posed the question of whether or not any of us had used Silit cookware?

Silt Cookware


Many of us hadn’t and their products are very expensive. Yet we shared that we use Calphalon ceramic nonstick cookware, and their brand was added to our conversation. I mentioned how I personally use a cast iron grill and Lodge Cast Iron joined in the conversation, posting a video about how to clean their cast iron products. It also allowed me to directly ask Lodge Cast Iron if their products are 100% nickel free?

Lodge's response


Our conversation informed me how nickel free cookware products should be 18/0 – “18 percent chromium and 0 percent nickel,” and how you can use Nickel Alert or Nickel Solution to test whether or not products have nickel.

The twitter platform has enabled us to create a community of friendship and resources, and led me to connect with others facing similar challenges.

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