Picture of a box of Altoids.

Why I Now Choose Altoids Over Chewing Gum

Regretfully, I had to give up chewing gum! Today I chewed my very last piece of chewing gum. This is a big deal. Chewing gum has been a part my daily life. I love absolutely everything about chewing gum. I loved how it felt in my mouth and the sound it made when I continually popped it. I absolutely loved blowing obnoxious bubbles and chewing it when I was hungry.

Like most people, I enjoyed chewing it after a lunch or to freshen up my breath before an important meeting. The American Dental Association’s endorsement that chewing gum after meals “helps reduce cavities” has been the best excuse for me to continue to chow down. It has been my perfect digestifs – without the alcohol!

Spending over 15 minutes today looking at the ingredient labels on every chewing gum wrapper, I struggled to find any without nickel: i.e. soy lecithin or coconut oil.

Disappointed, I now choose Altoids mints instead of chewing gum for every after meal occasion. Altoids mints don’t include harmful ingredients or any nickel!