Playing hide and seek for 20 years: nickel behind my eczema

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had skin problems. Whether it was constantly dry skin, pimples, redness, itchiness (the list is endless!) – and so seemed my struggle.

Lack of education played a big role here: I of course went to see doctors often and would trust them 100%. Whatever they would say I’d take for granted because they are the specialists; aren’t they?

Nickel-free Black and Gold Geo Necklace Photo courtesy of My Skin Story

Nickel-free Black and Gold Geo Necklace
Photo courtesy of My Skin Story

Blindly believing everything they said, I entered the endless cycle of steroid creams. For example, I’d always have dry red skin around my fingers, wrists and earlobes. While doctors were happy to prescribe me steroids creams, they wouldn’t mention anything about the jewellery I was wearing.

How about diet? Nah, also nothing. I remember once triple-checking with my General Practitioner (GP), and she assured that diet has nothing to do here with my eczema.

A couple of years later I had a full allergy test, and it turned out that I had a very severe allergy to nickel.

“What on earth is nickel” I thought and then after a conversation with the allergologist the dots were starting to connect.

What has changed since…

nickel free earrings

Nickel-Free Ruby Red Sparkle Studs
Photo courtesy of My Skin Story

1. Jewellery

Well, first and foremost, I got rid of all my jewellery that contained nickel. It was difficult in the first year but I knew it had to be worth it (and it was!)

I now wear nickel-free jewellery – it’s so lovely! And doesn’t effect my skin at all.

2. Diet

Sensing a theme? Of course diet is important – and your skin thinks so too! If only I had known that my favourites, like tomatoes and chocolate contain lots of nickel… Also, nuts, dried peas and beans, whole grains, seafood, mushrooms, spinach, corns, onions and many more.

I now try to massively reduce the nickel content nickel content of my diet and I can truly smile and say my skin is a lot happier. But it’s not so difficult, thanks to this blog which has lots of yummy nickel-free recipes!

3. Detox

I’ve lived with nickel all my life; using it, wearing it, eating it, never understanding the damage it was doing. It’s not surprising therefore that my body was full of the stuff. But there are a lot of other external influences to consider: pollution, alcohol, processed foods etc. These sometimes unavoidable factors makes a quality full detox 2-3 times a year an essential aspect for your skin’s recovery.

Nickel-Free Jade Green Geo CubePhoto courtesy of My Skin Story

Nickel-Free Jade Green Geo Cube
Photo courtesy of My Skin Story

It didn’t take very long for my skin to get noticeably better. I can now enjoy happy skin without using any medications or steroids. I became very passionate about sharing my story with other people, in the hope that it may encourage them to look at their own skin problems differently by carefully analysing their lifestyle, what products you use, what they eat, touch, wear etc.

To make things easier for people skin issues or allergies I’ve launched an online marketplace called My Skin Story. We promote healthy living by offering all natural cosmetics, nickel-free jewellery, organic supplements and shower filters.

If you suffer from a nickel allergy, take a look at our jewellery collection. Plus until April 17, 2016, I’m offering 20% off my entire jewellery collection!

Other than that, nickel isn’t such a bad allergy for me, however, lack of education and understanding can make everything I lot worse than it has to be.