low nickel salmon chowder

Low Nickel Slow Cooker Salmon Chowder

This creamy slow cooker salmon chowder recipe is one of my all time favorite low nickel recipes. Loaded with protein and vegetables, it’s very filling. I’ve adapted the recipe from Jenn Bare’s Get Crocked Premier Edition: Slow Cooker Comfort Classics, Salmon Chowder recipe.

When making this recipe, I use two cans of Costco’s Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon – which is both boneless and skinless. Costco sells it in a 6 can bundle, but you can also find it on Amazon. I don’t eat many canned foods, as the can itself tends to be made from stainless steel. However I make an exception for both canned tuna and canned salmon, because I haven’t found either tuna or salmon in packaging that isn’t canned that doesn’t contain soy. Ultimately it’s up to you to try this recipe and see if the canned salmon negatively impacts you.

As I’ve already noted in my other salmon recipe – my dermatologist didn’t include salmon on the list of foods with nickel when I was first diagnosed.  A couple of things I’ve read say salmon can contain higher concentrations of nickel, but in moderation I personally haven’t had any issues eating salmon.


3 cloves of garlic, minced

½ an onion, chopped

3 celery stalks, chopped

3 yellow or red potatoes, chopped

½ cup shredded carrots ( approx. 3-4 carrots)

8 oz. or ½ a bag of frozen corn

½ cup uncooked white rice

½ teaspoon of dried dill

1 Tablespoon black pepper

½ teaspoon paprika

4 cups of chicken broth

12 oz. of canned boneless salmon

8 oz. of cream cheese, softened

½ teaspoon of dried dill (additional)


The Cooking Steps:

Place the garlic, onion, celery, potatoes, shredded carrots, corn, uncooked rice, seasonings and chicken broth in your slow cooker. Cook everything on medium heat for 4 hours. Before you leave, place the cream cheese on the counter to soften and reach room temperature.

After the ingredients have slow cooked for 4 hours, stir in the canned salmon, cream cheese and another ½ teaspoon of dill seasoning. Keep the slow cooker on medium heat and wait about an 1 hour until all the ingredients are thoroughly cooked. Serve yourself and enjoy!