Low Nickel Chicken and Pear Sandwich

Seasoned chicken, on top of melted brie cheese with balsamic vinegar soaked pear slices in between warm ciabatta bread truly makes this recipe taste gourmet. Believe me, you’ll definitely need a napkin when you bite into this sandwich!

Ciabatta bread’s simple ingredients of white flour, yeast, water and salt make it one of the better bread options if you eat a low nickel diet. Personally I’m able to eat white flour, but I do avoid eating anything whole wheat, as whole wheat is higher in nickel. Whereas I know some individuals on the low nickel diet avoid all flour and also eat gluten free diet. If you’re purchasing ciabatta bread loaves at a bakery, I recommend reading the ingredients to ensure it contains no soy or soybean oil. Ciabatta really shouldn’t include soy, but you can never predict what is or isn’t included in processed goods.

This quick to make recipe makes it great for lunch or a weekday dinner meal after a long day at work. President brie cheese is one of my favorite types of cheese. Unfortunately many of their cheeses are wrapped in foil, which I would believe could contain nickel. However, they do offer spreadable brie without any rind sold in a plastic container that works great.


The Ingredients:

1-2 Tablespoons of olive oil

1-2 chicken breasts

1-3 teaspoons of Italian seasoning

1-2 tablespoons of brie cheese

1 pear (green or red), that’s soft

2 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar

1-2 medium sized ciabatta bread loaves


The Cooking Steps:

First pour the oil in a medium saucepan placed on medium heat on the stove. Cut the chicken lengthwise in half so it’s thin for the sandwich. Lightly season the chicken with the Italian seasoning on both sides and place it in the oiled saucepan. Thoroughly cook the chicken.

While the chicken is cooking, cut the ciabatta bread loaves in half, length wise. Toast or heat the centers of the ciabatta bread. When the bread is warm, liberally spread the brie cheese over it on both sides and place it aside. Next thinly slice up the pear and sprinkle balsamic vinegar on it.

When the chicken is thoroughly cooked, place it on top of half of the ciabatta bread loaf. Put the pears on top of the chicken and the top your sandwich with the other half of the ciabatta bread. Enjoy and I’d love to hear from you if you try the recipes in the comment section below!