The Question of Tea

After a long day when I need to relax or while reading a book, I drink a cup of warm tea. Typically there isn’t a day where I don’t drink one to two cups of tea as it’s so much of my afternoon and nightly routine, especially in the winter.

When first diagnosed with a nickel food allergy, or systemic nickel allergy syndrome, I was given the long list of foods to avoid. The list only included excluding tea from my diet if it was dispensed using a stainless steel tea filter basket, strainer or infuser. I was so relieved to know I could still drink tea without aggravating my nickel food allergy. Plus drinking lots of water daily helps flush our body from harmful toxins, like nickel. (more…)

Simple Indulgences

Happy New Year! Instead of waiting until the new year to make resolutions, I set goals throughout the year. As someone who exerts a fair amount of self-control, especially when it comes to my diet, I...