Book Review: The Eczema Diet

Identifying what really is the culprit to anyone’s eczema is trial and error. Causes of eczema can range from genetics, environmental allergens, food allergens, stress, negative reactions to cosmetic ingredients and more or a combination of all the above. If you’ve tried the low nickel diet without positive results AND limited your physical contact with nickel, I’d suggest you read Karen Fischer’s book The Eczema Diet: Discover How to Stop and Prevent the Itch of Eczema Through Diet and Nutrition.

Author and nutritionist Karen Fischer created “the eczema diet” to address her own daughter’s severe eczema. Fischer writes how over time the eczema diet itself evolved using scientific evidence and client feedback. Though she doesn’t discuss systemic nickel allergy syndrome (SNAS), she provides all kinds of useful information for treating eczema. (more…)