Infusing Water to Stay Hydrated

Fruit infused water allows additional flavors and nutrients to be added to your water without adding sugar, like smoothies, juices and sodas. Our bodies rely on adequate hydration to function properly, including healing and preventing eczema flare ups. Dehydration is serious and the majority of people don’t drink more than 2-3 cups of water daily. If someone tells me they’re not feeling well, especially when they indicate they have a headache or are fatigued, my impulse is to ask them about their water intake.

As I’ve noted before, drinking water can help our bodies purge harmful toxins, like nickel. John D. Kirschmann author of the Nutrition Almanac affirms this concept noting how “absorbed nickel is rapidly and efficiently excreted via the kidneys” (pg. 74). Infusing your water with strawberries, kiwi, papaya or oranges also naturally adds vitamin c to your diet, which has been shown to help reduce the absorption of nickel (more…)