What about Coconut and Nickel?

Often I’m asked what about coconut in relationship to nickel? In researching about coconut, surprisingly it tends to be outright omitted from nearly all the lists identifying foods high in nickel. Unfortunately there’s not much consistency when it comes to the research about whether or not coconut is high in nickel.

Some of us with systemic nickel allergy syndrome or SNAS can tolerate eating coconut, while others cannot or only eat it sparingly. Personally I don’t eat anything with coconut – including raw coconut, coconut flour, coconut butter, coconut water, coconut oil or coconut milk. I also don’t use cosmetic products on my skin that contain coconut. The tricky thing is many websites recommend using coconut oil as a natural remedy for treating eczema with the caveat to not to use it if you’re allergic. (more…)