Traveling with Diet Restrictions

Traveling with a restricted diet requires planning ahead. While driving an average of 600 miles a week for work the past two months, using a “mobile kitchen” in my hotel has been the only way my nickel food allergy didn’t ravage out of control.

Many of you know that I do eat out at restaurants from time to time. Residing in an urban area with hundreds of restaurants to choose from, I’ve already had the luxury of sifting through many of them using their menu, asking servers/cooks questions about entree ingredients, and knowing which items I can eat or cannot enjoy. However, when I travel by car to rural areas, unfortunately there aren’t as many restaurants or even grocery store choices and employees though polite aren’t necessarily as food allergy aware. As a means to keep my food on the cheap and control what I eat, I’ve developed a “mobile kitchen” system that I take with me whenever I travel by car. (more…)

Simple Indulgences

Happy New Year! Instead of waiting until the new year to make resolutions, I set goals throughout the year. As someone who exerts a fair amount of self-control, especially when it comes to my diet, I...